We innovate for living out of the ordinary

In May of 1997, a group of postgraduate students and teachers in a university in Barcelona started a mail list called "INUSUAL" to learn more about applied creativity and vital innovation.

The project was very successful and they kept using the mail list, also they invited more people to join growing up to +1.800 members. So, INUSUAL network (inusual.net) became a Global Community of Innovators. This is our manifesto.

Seventeen years later (in 2014), the founders of the community realized that organizations also had the same vital need to apply creativity and innovation to work. Then they started a company to work for businesses as well.

Today INUSUAL is a global services company specialized in Innovation Leadership with offices in Barcelona and Boston working for clients in Europe and the United States.

We discover, prepare and promote innovative leaders over the world, that inspire others creating results out of the ordinary. Our services for organizations are advisory, training, coaching, and sourcing for better innovating. If you are interested, have a look at our corporate website.

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